Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Unsung Hero of Thyroid Replacement Therapy: ATP

ATP and thyroid are closely related in that the thyroid hormone is essential for the rapid turnover of ATP, both inside and outside of cells.  ATP, in turn, affects processes as diverse as pain, inflammation, blood clotting, bone formation, cognition, blood pressure, and insulin secretion – among many others.

Considering the intensive research currently underway to develop compounds with specificity for ATP receptors in various tissues, and the wide range of disorders these compounds could, when it is all said and done, treat, it is obvious that ATP, in particular its turnover, has a wide range of drug-like effects that are independent of its role in energy metabolism.  All of the conditions that have been linked with hypothyroidism – most comprehensively by Broda Barnes – can, in my estimation, be traced back to the impact of thyroid hormone on ATP.